Peter Leeflang
Peter Leeflang

I am a professional translator, with over 30 years of translation experience.

My two native languages are Dutch, as spoken in the Netherlands where I was born, and English (American as well as British). English is the other language I was partially raised with and applied a lot while being raised, educated and working in several countries. Those experiences also provided me with the opportunity to become fluent in German, Spanish and French.

What I offer my translation customer is quite unique:

1.  A multilingual, not just bilingual translator
2. Life-work experience with cultures in several countries in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and a few more places
3. Work experience with professional cultures and jargon in several countries and languages
4. A uniquely broad career and education background in multiple industries, which allows me to provide multi-industry translation combinations such as financial-legal-IT, legal–medical-IT, construction-IT-financial, horticulture-IT-legal, construction-legal-agriculture and many more
5. A rigorous focus on protecting the interests of my business customers, having owned and managed several small businesses, so I am aware of the need for confidentiality, accuracy and timeliness

My six main specializations, based on my education, career and translation experience are:
– Law
– Horticulture & Agriculture
– Travel & Leisure
– Accounting, Auditing & Financial Services
– Building, Property Management & Real Estate Sales

1. English, German, French, Spanish into Dutch (as spoken in the Netherlands, not the differing Belgian Flemish Dutch) – native fluent
2. Dutch, German, French, Spanish into English (American or British) – native fluent

1. Sailing (owned boat)
2. Aviation (private pilot)
3. Chess
4. Patient advocacy (neuro-ophthalmology, oncology)
5. Electronics (assembly of radio kits)